Partner with SPHER to deliver security and peace of mind

SPHER’s rapid growth is built on forging win-win partnerships with the most trusted EHR providers, IT consultancies, law firms and insurers in the healthcare industry. Together we deliver a cost-effective solution to the security & compliance needs of healthcare providers.

  • Seamless technology integration with EHR solutions

  • Targeting total market coverage through EHR partner integrations

  • Complimentary to EHR security framework

  • Win-win partnership program for VARs


AMS SPHER has partnered with national and regional EHR vendors to deliver an automated breach detection system that reduces a practice’s risk for a breach and provide a comprehensive breach remediation toolkit that delivers risk protection, peace of mind and convenient, stress-free breach remediation.

Furthermore, because SPHER already utilizes algorithms based on an EHR’s actions, it is the ideal resource to assist EHR vendors in fulfilling upcoming privacy and security Meaningful Use requirements.

AMS SPHER is proud to work with these trusted healthcare brands:

Plug & play breach detection and remediation

SPHER’s proactive monitoring can be enabled at anytime: at go-live with your new EHR or with your current EHR. In both instances the process is simple, and can take as little as 30mins from start to finish.

Seamless integration with EHR solutions

When a healthcare provider decides to take advantage of SPHER’s privacy & security benefits, there is no need for any additional hardware or software to be installed on their local systems. Instead, the practice simply grants SPHER permission to analyze the access log data that is stored and updated on it’s EHR provider’s server. This means that the on-boarding process for a healthcare provider is as simple as registering for our service, going through the on-boarding process and completing payment procedures.

Targeting total market coverage

In line with the government’s goal to create a standardized and secure transition to electronic medical records, the numerous EHR solutions that are currently in use within the US share the same core technological & structural characteristics. Because SPHER only requires an automated audit log feed from an EHR to perform its intelligent security analysis, achieving 100% coverage is a realistic target.

Toward this goal, AMS SPHER has already forged partnerships with most of America’s leading EHR solutions and is constantly working to increase its coverage, so that whichever EHR solution a healthcare practice uses, they can enjoy the peace of mind and convenience that comes with being a SPHER customer.

SPHER’s diverse customers & partners

Although SPHER is focused exclusively on meeting the needs of healthcare providers relating to EHR security and compliance, the technology and pricing scales to fit a diverse range of providers, including private practices, medical clinics and hospitals. In addition, as a plug-and-play, cloud-based solution that mitigates risk and makes EHR-related compliance a painless process, SPHER complements the services and expertise of IT experts, insurance firms and law firms working in healthcare, forming mutually beneficial partnerships that serve the needs of healthcare providers.

Whether you are a healthcare provider interested in enjoying the protection, convenience and peace of mind of SPHER, or a company interested in passing on those benefits to your clients, we would love to talk to you.