Plug & play, proactive access monitoring and breach detection.

SPHER plugs seamlessly into EHRs, using sophisticated detection technologies to identify breaches, classifies them according to the latest regulations, allowing healthcare providers to pro-actively minimize the risk of financial penalties and damaging litigation.

  • Cloud-based breach detection technology that integrates seamlessly into EHR systems

  • Continuous Intelligent monitoring that fulfils EHR data access auditing obligations

  • Reliable & accurate breach classification based on the very latest regulatory definitions

  • Smart Technology that learns from experience to minimize false positive breach alerts

SPHER’s Breach Detection

Breach Detection

SPHER’s unique approach to breach detection removes the periodic and costly burden of EHR access auditing from provider practice employees, through a plug and play service conducted on the cloud via seamless integration with the practice’s EHR.

SPHER’s proprietary breach detection technology analyzes access logs on the cloud without requiring any installations on a healthcare provider’s computers or network. SPHER conducts continuous monitoring of access to healthcare records and identifies possible breach events using multiple engines ranging from rules and roles testing, sophisticated heuristics, historic user profiling, and pattern detection to identify breaches.

Once a potential breach event has been detected, an alert is sent to the practice’s privacy officer, including details of the breach, such as the number of records involved, employee(s) involved , and it’s classification within the appropriate regulatory context.

After investigating the potential breach, the privacy officer tells SPHER™ if the breach is a permitted activity or not, and in turn, SPHER™ uses this information to improve the accuracy of its behavior-based detection.

In this way, SPHER™ intelligently learns the unique behavior patterns of each user, becoming an indispensable partner in supporting transparent and up-to-date compliance monitoring.

If the potential breach was not permitted, this triggers SPHER™ to prescribe a clear investigation and remediation path.

SPHER™ combines breach detection with a simple & intuitive breach remediation management solution, removing the complexity & stress of breach-related compliance.